New CCI .22LR Lead Free round. 21grains doing 1850 fps


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These have been around for a long time now. They are apparently OK out to about 50m but no further.

Heym SR20

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It’s not particularly new as it was developed back in 2016. Plenty of reviews on the interwebulator eg

Seems to work well enough within its design parameters and groups well out to 75 yards, at which point it starts coming down through sound barrier and getting unstable. Inside 75yds well within “minute of squirrel” or in our case Rabbit

Bullet is a copper dust / polymer composite so fragments when hitting hard surfaces.

No it doesn’t shoot to 100yds, but a 22lr is not really a 100yd tool. No its not subsonic, but then nor is a 17 HMR.

Price does seem a bit on the high side.

There are lots of other non toxic 22lr ammunition coming through into the market - eg RWS and Norma etc

Dauntsey Guns: Expanding, N2414039, Norma - .22LR 24gr Eco Power JHP Lead Free Rifle Ammunition - these are £9 (incl VAT) for 50 so cheaper than the CCI


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The Norma option looks a little better. 24 grains and 1700 and the copper jacketed zinc solid might hold up better in firing and flight than this baked polymer goo of the CCI.


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More like dead end.

Try telling someone going to the Olympics that they need to change to non-lead .22RF ammo.
It’ll happen, after all they’ll let men into the women’s comps once they promise to identify as femme.
Strangely enough there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent rush from the ladies to join the men’s ranks.
Obviously that’s pure discrimination and podium gender identity quota’s are required.
With the .22 a possible solution might be to keep it supersonic out beyond 100M, noisier but could be accurate enough for competition, the price isn’t that far off Tenex.


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I tried these maybe a year ago. Unfortunately they wouldn't group anything smaller than a dinner plate at 50yds through my rifle so I discounted them.


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Is nobody worried about the small bits of potentially poisonous metal left in the meat, with these fragmenting bullets.🤔


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i’m looking for NT round, going to get what makes i can and see what shakes out as the most accurate