New cheek peice on my rifle love it


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Set your parallax correctly and sight alignment becomes a cosmetic issue.
Correct in part...with parallax set correctly if you move your eyeball from centre of scope your bullet impact will change, shadowing in upper right will make bullet impact low left. This is due to looking through the 'tube' at an odd angle. Cheek piece assists keeping eyeball in alignment :thumb:

I can supply a video to confirm this :)


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Definitely not a new fad looking at this. Maybe just people ‘rediscovering‘what has been known for years.
I have a mannlicher PH with not iron sights but a stock made for them. I’ve fitted them to the plastic rifle and an old Stutzen and it has made a significant improvement to my shooting.1580030382749.jpeg


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I've always tended to feel that good contact with the cheekpiece helps in reducing perceived recoil, something which when is absent can lead to flinching, owing to the marksman anticipating the knock on the face from the loose or poorly fitting cheekpiece/stock. I'm sure it's a horses for courses thing, but IME I've seen this with guests, and they all tended to shoot much better when borrowing a rifle where they had to make a good solid contact between face and cheekpiece, as opposed to using something that they had very limited contact with. I personally like it when you can mount your rifle up to your cheek with eyes closed, and when you open them your aiming eye is looking straight through the scope.

But I accept this may not be desired by all, everyone is different.