New Dog For Tracking !Thoughts


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Getting a large Munsterlander Pup for tracking , still in oven so wont,t be out in the blue yonder for awhile yet , anyone got one , What is best age to initialize tracking , as a HPR will be using for all sorts eventually, lost my springer Megan some 12 months ago, so want to do the best I can and not muck up training . I look on his as a new venture.
cheers trapper.


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Hej Trapper, I don't see why a Large Munsterlander won't make a good tracking dog. I have only seen one working :rolleyes: in england. It was totlaly out of control. This was down to its owner not the dog.
There is a small following here in Sweden but they are not common.

The secrect is BASIC TRAINING. There are plenty of good dog training books out there. Training tracking for deer can be started at an early stage. Its not rocket science. In the near future i will translate the tax /teckle clubs tracking booklet into english. Its a simple booklet but tells you all you need to know about training a dog for tracking.
I will send you a copy if you PM me. But it won't be ready for a couple of weeks

Or you can come to the dog training day SD are running.