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After posting for a couple of years on other fora i was mentioned this forum by several people. It is interesting to share experiences about stalking and hunting in general, reason i registered.

I am a dutch male, living in Nijmegen Netherlands. I hunt / shoot primarily in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Poland, Scotland and England. Quarry consists of pigeons, pheasants, rabbit, hare, duck, and for this site more interesting, wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, muntjac and red deer.
I have my own small hunting ground in the north of the Netherlands, i am gamekeeping for other people in our biggest nature reserve and i am the secretary of a large hunting "club" , so also get invited to go hunting. ;)
Professionally i work as an advisor for the ministry of transport on nature conservation, mitigation and nature law.

Hope to share thoughts, photo's and experiences.

a.k.a. Holland&Holland


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Hello Ruud, and welcome to the site. I look forward to hearing about your hunting, it is always interesting to see how similar, or not :eek: , we are to other Countries.



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Hi there!
Can you tell us a bit more about the spread of muntjac in the Netherlands? Very interesting. Is there any idea how the population came to be released?




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Not sure if i should post my reply on youre question here??

Muntjac is still rare in the Netherlands. There are sightings but only sporadic. The muntjac is highly likely released or escaped from fenced area's. It is considered an exotic unwanted species and can be shot all year round. (only with rifle caliber higher then .222)
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