New engine type for Land Rover - improved reliability?


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Top bloke!

Couldn't help notice he failed miserably to address the issue of leaks beneath the vehicle but nailed the less than perfect in-cab heating provision of the standard offering.



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:) That’s my 70-year-old skiing mate, Frank Rothwell, who rowed the Atlantic single-handedly last Christmas and raised GBP 1.1 million for Alzheimer’s research along the way! A fantastic, larger-than-life character, who’s always coming up with another plan or challenge. With his Defender’s propulsion (steam) finally solved, I’ll ask him about the leaks next time I see him.

Whilst on the subject: on a recent trip to Milan, I came across a couple of soldiers in full camouflage battle dress guarding a building. I was surprised that they had obviously arrived in the Defender parked nearby. Here’s a photo of the vehicle (ex-soldiers). It was only afterwards, that I noticed something conspicuous placed under the vehicle... it soon dawned that Milan’s roads authority was sick-and-tired of cleaning up after the Guardia di Finanza :rofl: