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Hi All,

i have been thinking about getting a new game gun this year and been thinking the browning 525, i just wondered if any of you have one and how do you got on with it and how does it handle, and any other recommendation you have sub £1500. would be greatly appreciated.

cheers Matt


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I have a 525 and am very pleased with it. Mine is a lefty but I know Scrumbag has a right hand one and his has been fine. Very reliable. Just check that it fits. I am have what I call "a Browning face" so mine shoots where I look, you could do with checking the fit first.



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I have a 525 but in 20 bore. I'd say if you're used to Brownings, consider a Miroku as well, lot of gun for the money. You may be able to sneak a grade 5 on a private sale.
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Bought a new 525 a few months ago to go back to doing a few more clays after decades with side-by-sides & I have to say that I'm absolutely delighted with it & the Teague chokes I also ordered for it. I spent a couple of hours at a large gun-shop trying every o/u that they had & the one that fitted me best & just felt right was the 525 (& I was trying some very expensive ones too). I went for the sporter with the adjustable comb & it's fantastic to be able to tweak the POI without involving a gunsmith.

I've been out & shot 250 cartridges with it in a session & felt no ill-effects either at the time or afterwards but I'd have to say that it isn't a walking gun & I revert to a sbs for my more physical days.
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