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Uncle f

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New permission here in Surrey. Had roe off here knew there were a few munties on here as I've had cameras on here for about four months and see quite a few munties including a good looking medal class buck. So for the past six weeks or so been trying to grass one. Just been really unlucky as whenever I've seen them the shots not safe or the animals have run etc. Every conceivable thing has happened prior to the shot. But this evening sat in the high seat from about 15.30 called a bit and nothing. Got to 17.30 and I called and a large buck came out of the woods and nearly ran into the bottom of the seat. He then ran of spooked i think. I called once more and this young buck came out on the ride to my right at 70 Mts I stopped him and gave him the good news with 30.06 and was home for dinner. Great feeling been hard work with these munties but worth it

regards Steve