New GWP. Keeping it in the Family


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I took possession of my new GWP on Fri.
Lovely girl.
From the Australian foundation breeders of the breed. Who just happen to be my Uncle and Aunty. 20160730_130348-1.jpg

jimmy milnes

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Jeez mate I thought Oz was supposed to be warm ? You've more skins on than an onion! !
Belting Gwp though, I run shorthair''s but my training partner shows and trails wires and I must say I do have a soft spot for the breed


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Jimmy, i think Im cold blooded. it was 4 degrees.
When I was in England, i turned white, then blue. By lunchtime I was back to a shirt
Ahhhhhh the adventures you are going to have with your pup!!!! I hope you put some photos up of him in the next few years as I always look forward to follow other hunters exploits with their best friend thoughout the span of the dog's life. Makes the world feel like a smaller place.