New here from Germany/Sweden/Spain :-)


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Hi all together,

my name is Wolfgang, German Citizen, also living, working and hunting abroad in Sweden and Spain (Catalunya). I am quite new to hunting (bout 5 years) while myself I am not so much quite new but never mind that. I owe and of course have registered several rifles in the two countries but still search somehow for „my“ perfect rifle. In the moment I hunt mainly Boar in areas that need fast shots on shorter distances. For that I use a Sauer 303 with a Aimpoint H2 which works fine but it A gets heavy when waiting some hours for the game and B I cannot take it apart to clean and maintain - what I did not need but also I do not like. Now I bought a Remington 700 because of the zillions of accessories available. Want to try if I can build „my“ rifle from that system and thats how I came to your forum. Just to read about others experiences.




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Welcome to the forum Wolfgang! I'm considering buying a Remington 700 myself at present for exactly the same reason ;)


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Gruss Gott Wolfgang,
I had a Savage sierra in .270 Win that was very light to carry and would have been good on a driven hunt.
Weidmannsheil Martin