new here

hello my name is John live in the norht of scotland and stalk roe and red.
Been browsing this site for a while and finally decided to join up.

i currently sell my venison to a game dealer and the price is not very good at the moment

would anyone mind telling me what sort of price per kg you get for red and roe deer up and down the country.



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Hello mate, and welcome to the site. I don't have any red but I think it was going for between 40 and 50 Pence a kilo, this is only from memory from a conversion earlier in the season. Someone will have the right price for you.

My name is John and I live in the North of Scotland, this is getting very weird :eek:



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welcome aboard mate. my name is steve and i live in lincolnshire, i am a stalkaholic.

i can get £1.50 per pound at a local butcher/dealer.

It would be worth importing!



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Hi john
Welcome to this great site the natives are friendly here
i come from cambridgeshire and you sell roe for about £1.50 per pound.
enjoy the site :D


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Hi John,
welcome on board. No idea for Red or roe, but Fallow is making £1.00 a pound in Buckinghamshire today. (This price may be a bit high, cos all ours are head shot, so no waste).


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welcome john
i usaully sell my carcasses for £1 a pound skinned in the midlands area to resturants and a local dealer when they want some

2428 miles

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Down in suffolk we get:

70p Kilo Fallow & Roe

50p Kilo Muntjac

Tend to keep all munti as its not worth selling for that price and only tend to take to the dealer if i have more than one to sell. with the price of fuel so high it is best to enjoy the meet ourselves.


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Hi ven2
I currently get anything between 80p to £1.50 per lb for red here in the midlands at the game dealer. I deal with 2 here & both the same price.
The same for roe & muntjac but tend to keep them for myself as i sell it for more privately. Can currently sell a complete fully grown butchered red carcass for £200-£240 so it makes it more worth while :D


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Re: prices

swampy said:
If you had a really good day on fallow and shot 4 or 5 it would be worth driving them up here?
swampy what are you looking for? and were exactly are you pm if you like