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Over the last year or so, Mrs Shakari (aka Susan) and I have been developing a new African hunting information website at

The site comprises of over 250 pages, covers about 170 species in 12 African countries and the entire content is deliberately unbiased and completely factual. Subjects are many and varied and we’ve tried to cover every single aspect of African hunting safaris.

The idea of the site is to make it as easy as possible for anyone considering an African hunting safari to gather the correct information to ensure they choose a suitable safari for their own particular needs, tastes and finances. We also hope that the site will be useful to our colleagues in the industry.

You’ll find contributions from those we consider the leaders in their fields throughout the site. These articles will be increased as time progresses and if anyone thinks we’ve missed anything, please let us know. The site will be very regularly updated, so we recommend you visit regularly to keep up to date with any possible changes and additions.

For those interested, we will, in the fullness of time be accepting ads from appropriate companies such as ethical agents, hunting companies, PHs, outfitters and outdoor equipment dealers etc. Price will not be our primary consideration with ads, quality and reputation of the companies will.

We’d like to thank those people who have helped us with their knowledge, input, support and discretion in keeping the address quiet until we were ready to go public. I won’t embarrass them by naming them publicly, but they know who they are.

So please visit and let us know what you think.

paul k

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I know very little about African hunting but this looks to be a very nicely laid out and comprehensive website and if the information given is accurate will be invaluable to anyone planning a hunt there.


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paul k said:
I know very little about African hunting but this looks to be a very nicely laid out and comprehensive website and if the information given is accurate will be invaluable to anyone planning a hunt there.

totally agree ;)

Andrew McLaren

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Accuracy of Information on

I "think" I know a bit about hunting in southern Africa: At least I've been involved in arranging safaris to namibia since 1972 and a registered Professional Hunter since 1982! Almost as long as Steve - but I do not have even near 1/100's as much DG hunting and guiding experience as Steve has.

I can vouch for the basic accuracy of the information on hunting in South Africa. All of the other that I have any knowledge on held absolutely no surprises. In short: Every single bit of info that I have enough knowledge on to check, was indeed found to be basically accurate! You really C-A-N trust Steve!

In good hunting.

Andrew McLaren


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I thank Andrew for those kind words, but have to say, he's rather hiding his light under a bushell........... one of the first names I remember being mentioned when I first got involved in the African hunting industry all those years ago was Andrew's, and his hunts in SA and Namibia are still well known in the industry for their high quality and value for money.

As to the accuracy of the information on the site, what little I don't know myself was researched with the top names in that part of the industry and then EVERYTHING was re-checked by using other top names in the industry. I'd say, it's pretty much MOA accurate. ;)


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Just had a quick shufti at the site and it seems to be both comprehensive and well laid-out. Nice one.

Perhaps the only thing missing is some sort of facility for receommending a particular outfitter to other prospective clients. one for Phase 2, perhaps?


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No, we're not going to do that for a variety of reasons. Partly because we obviously own and run our own safari company and partly because by recommending one, we then suggest the others are not to be recommended. - There's also the factor that not every company style, fits every client's requirements.

However, we have recently began to accept ads from reputable PHs, outfitters, agents and safari companies etc and we do politely decline to accept ads from companies that we consider flaky in any way. For example, we've recently declined an ad from someone who offers unethican Lion hunts in a certain Southern African country and also an instant agent who just because he had hunted Africa a few times and could set up a website thought that qualified him to be an agent. :rolleyes: That way, our visitors will know that any company they see advertised on the site will only offer ethical fair chase hunting and will be of good repute etc.

The site is designed to do exactly what it says, which is to help people research, plan and book a good safari with a reputable company that suits their own particular needs, tastes and finances and ensures they have all the relevant onfo at their fingertips before they make a booking.

The site will also carry ads for hunting related products. For example, we're working on the 'connection bookshelf' right now where soon, you'll have a massive collection of new and used copies of African huning books and dvds etc. - including all those hard to get out of print books that everyone battles to find. - Hopefully, we'll have done all the hard work for hunters and given them a one stop safari shop. :D

Very glad you enjoyed the site and I hope this answer has helped. ;)


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Very nice site, thankyou both for your efforts - noted that the Namibian hunting rules suggest trophy hunting should be conducted at unusual times - understand what you were trying to say though! :)

Do you want other book recommendations to consider adding to the list?

Rgds Ian


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Hi Ian

We're still adding to the bookshelf and have a LOT of adding still to do, but yes, if you have suggestions and/or short reviews, they'd be very welcome. - If you do, can you please let us have them via the contact us page of the site. - thanks.

As it says on the bookshelf page, we are going to make it the biggest and best African hunting book source on the web.