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Hello folks, a norwegian marine engineer signing on your exellent BB.
Back home I am hunting deer, roedeer and some small game. I own and shoot rifles in calibers from 22LR to 458Lott, do some IPSC shooting with a 1911 and a S&W mod.19, and to feed my habbits-I reload for 6,5Grendel, 8x88RD, 35Whelen, 9,3x57, 458Lott, 12x44Norw.Remington, 357magnum and 45ACP.

Reason for joing this board is that I am working out of Aberdeen and wondering if it is possible for me to join some hunting in the area. I will most likly need to rent/borrow a gun as importing a gun and keeping it onboard will be complicated.
Any hunt is of interest, rabbits, birds, fox, but off course-deerstalking would be wonderfull!
Also tips on interesting shops in or near Aberdeen is welcome.


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Welcome to the site, I can't help you with your hunting, but you never know someone may come up trumps.



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Hi, Just joined myself, visited Norway a few times, Kinsavic, Skie, Jolster, With Norwegian Ancestry, hence the name. Keep in touch if you don't mind traveling further South.
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