New lease Whoooopppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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Me and my 2 mates new lease arrived today!! As I type the breeks, boots n gaiters are on 45mins to take of hope we see as much tonight as the 12 we seen mid-day when we looked it over!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

nuttyimoftobagabucktonightmehopes!!! ;) 8)

Edited to stop the urine extraction :lol: :lol:


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Well done Nutty, its always a great feeling when you get a new piece of ground and the adventure of exploring the area and seeing what the stock numbers and quality is like.

Exciting times for you and your friends, well done, hope to hear about what you achieve over the coming months.




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well done

well done John,
It shows that if you play your cards right things will be right for you.



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We seen 12 in total last night 7 does and 5 bucks. I fluffed my 1st shot at a yearling!! Rushed we got caught in the open only had the neck as the beats was lying down!! And missed cleanly! My mate missed another but I managed to address the balance by dropping a yearling late on! Strange but it was almost as if we needed a cattle prod to shift the beasts!! By the time we walked 100yds up the track to our starting points we had seen 2 does and 2 yearlings! The closest 40yds! And I missed the bugger!!!! I also seen fresh red slots although the area isnt renowned for reds. I spent 1/2 nour watching a doe feeding from 200yds to about 80yds from where I was. A cracking night and cant wait for another.

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