New Lease.


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Its taken ages to sort out but from today I am now a joint lease holder for roe deer stalking on a private estate.

No more middle man taking a healthy cut, no forestry company to pander to, no DSC requirements, no HSE bollocks, no cull figures to achieve. Just go up and manage the deer as we see fit. Oh and the place is heaving with 'em.

Happy days :D


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I visited the new land for the second half of last week. It was more of an armed reconnaissance and I did not get to fire a shot. It rained alot, only saw one (very good ) buck who came out of some Sitka spruce during a downpour only turn straight back round again and disappear into the shadows after a few seconds. Probably saw a dozen different does, none had fawns in attendance though my pals had seen a fair few when they visited the weekend previous. There was alot of deer damage.

For some reason my ability to post photos seems to have deserted me! This doe was seen from a ground hide and was about forty yards infront of me the photo was taken through the eyepiece of my binos. At the same time there was another doe feeding in the open sixty yards to my right.

The hare like image in the centre of this photo is another doe at about fifty yards. I had seen it from about 150 yards off as I stalked down a wide ride/ floodplain between plantations. In the end I had to whistle it twice to get its attention and raise its head for the photo.


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New Lease

Well done Mudman and Trapper, It's a great feeling isn't it. Relax and enjoy it, you have all the time in the world.