New mag release catch required.

Jager SA

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Well, the bottom trigger guard/mag housing on the Tikka 695 was playing up and causing feeding issues.

Dilemma... New trigger guard (costly) or new extended mag catch (free)...I opted for the latter! So I decided to make a new one from scratch
Not using plastic but using some T6 alloy I had, after a fair bit of filing and fetling I finished it. :D

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it seems that tikka t3 has all the add-on goodies made for it yet the better tikkas... 590,595 ,690,695 don't have owt apart from a bolt shroud (and its only clumsy folk or people with plastic phobia who buy them)
So ...... why not be different and dare I say exclusive and start making us good tikka owners some aftermarket goodies that we can buy here in the uk?!!!!!!!!!




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​And you knock the engineering on a blaser!

Yeh the Remmy mag’ was a bit rough (but at a £10 it was 100% reliable so what do you expect?) and the Howa bottom metal that came out was not too polished but once I had finished the new metal it was perfect. Ever seen Purdy metal work in the “white”? Oh and none of it was plastic.

9 years later the present owner is still using it and not a single fail to feed or miss-fire.




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9 years since you made it,,,,,,tempus fugit.......

Worry not Andy, it was only around 6 years ago :doh:, I made before my last NZ trip, for a minute I thought I made for the trip before, grey matter fading I guess