New member and amature shooter


Hi all,
Im quite new to shooting, been shooting my air rifle for the purposes of pest control for a few years now but it wasnt till Nov 2008 that i joined a Gun Club here in Leeds. i had a 6 month probation period and applied for my licence at that time i was only interested in club shooting and using my Air Rifle. I was only 6 months ago i found my first bits of land and decided that i should open up my licence for expanding rounds and get myself a new .22 Rimfire to do some rabbiting. Sent off my land permission forms signed by the land owners to West Yorkshire who stated that they're reluctant to give me the variations due to lack of experience.
I've had experience with Air Rifles over land and experience with Full Bore Rifles and RimFire Rifles in a range and am full aware of all safty precautions including back stops, safe shooting distances, over penitration etc...

the police are saying i will need a letter from someone who holds a licence to say they think im capable and safe to go shoot. which is hard as i know no one who is able to write me one.

In the future im hoping to do my DS1 and go dear stalking sometime in the near future. and with some luck this police issue will be over and done with soon.

well thats me and my current situation

yours sincerly
hello fella, and welcome.

It may be worthwhile phoning your licencing guy and explaining the above to him, or if you get no joy, could the shooting captain of your club write a note to say that he has observed you as safe and capable whilst shooting (at the club)?