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Just wanted to introduce myself and say how much I've been enjoying this website and the forum over the past couple of months. I am completely new to deer stalking and having a young family has created a lack of time (& money) for my hobbies at present :cry:

However I have been shooting air rifles, smallbore & shotguns since I was 8 and did a lot of competitive service rifle shooting in a previous career. I am about to join Maidenhead Target Shooting Club ( to keep my eye in with the air rifle (BSA Superten).

Does any member know of a good club in or near Berkshire where I could get some deer stalking training and also some hands on with various rifles prior to deciding what to purchase? I've been a member of BASC since I was 11 so am thinking of pursuing my DSC via them. I've also still got to obtain my FAC.

Other hobbies / interests include fly fishing (mainly trout) and beekeeping (have kept bees since aged 11). Some of the money I make from selling honey is being diverted into my rifle purchase fund :D !


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Welcome to the forum, Gunner.

I know what you mean about the young family, and the money - I think childminders, and the people who make Smiley Faces earn more than I do!

Still - with food prices being what they are - when you get that first Roe and fill the freezer all will be forgiven!

As you say, join a rifle club to get your FAC. I would see if you can get out on a stalk first though to see if it's to your taste before you start shelling out on this obsessively accessorised hobby. :)

I'm nowhere near Berks so can't help. Soz.


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Welcome Gunner

I was born and raised in Berkshire myself (near Hungerford). Grew up fishing the kennet.

Welcome to the site.


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Hi Gunner,
welcome aboard.
I'm about twenty minutes from you, check your P.M.s it might be of interest to you.