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Just a little information about the new member CFR.

I live in Denmark, I am an avid hunter, shooter and also started reloading. I came by this forum in my search for information regarding a BSA rifle in 7x57 that I am wondering whether or not it should join my gun cabinet. The cabinet is currently equipped with the following:

Sauer 202 in 6,5x55 and an additional barrel in 8x57IS. It is mounted with a Zeiss 3-12x56 on top. This rifle has mainly been used for roe deer.

Tikka Super Varmint in 22-250R in a GRS laminated stock. It is mounted with a Leupold 6,5-20x50. It is intended for fox and other small size vermin.

CZ 452 Lux in 22 lr – who can live without one? There is also another old Anschütz in the same caliber.

A Spanish sidelock in 20 gauge with 25’’ barrels. A nice little shotgun.

A Winchester Super Grade, A TecniMec 620 and a Franchi 500 shotgun as well, but they are mainly collecting dust and waiting on my children to get older.

So far I have really enjoyed what I have read on this forum.




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Welcome to the site Christian.

We've got quite a few scandinavians on here now.

Looking forward to see your input on the site.

Skitt jakt!