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Good afternoon

I am Spanish, hunter and shooter and very fond of the world of weapons.

A friend of mine told me that this was a very interesting website on gun issues and personal experiences, and I have decided to join this community.

Currently I have as project to mount a scope&mount set in a K98 that I own. In Spain it is very difficult to find sniper rifles from the www2 or are excessively expensive, so I decided to mount my own project, all with original elements, as was done in the early days of WW2, before the military production began.

I hope to receive help in what I do not know and to be able to help others in their projects.


Pd. Another project I have underway is a change of caliber on a cz527 platform.

Original rifle cz 527 in 222 rem.
Change to .17 Remington.
Barrel: Lothar Walther Contour # 2400 Standard Heavy Varmint
Twist 1/14 "
Stock CZ 527 Varmint laminated stock

Ending time over a month
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Welcome to the site, sounds like you have some interesting projects, if you get a chance when you update on your projects some pictures would be great