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Hi all, my names chris I'm 26 and a born and bred Essex boy. I now live in kent,since September last year. I have been shooting front the age of about 15,starting with clay shooting then moving on to firearms, although I still use the shotgun a lot on the pigeons and on the walk one stand game shoot I'm a member of back in Essex. I started off with a .22 Rimfire but I have been using a .223 and 17HMR for years now, on a open ticket.

I have never stalked before, but its something that's been nagging at me for a few years now.we are swamped with munties and cwd in Essex,but here in kent there seems to be mostly roe and fallow. I'm looking at getting some stalks under my belt and eventually getting a .243 or similer on my ticket. I know the .223 is legal for muntjac and cwd, but I like to use enough gun.

Does anyone know any stalking agents or estates that sell days in kent ?

​thanks everyone :D


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There are not many in Kent, especially in east Kent which is devoid of deer. However East Sussex and West Sussex have plenty of deer. Let me know if I can be of help.