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The Colonel

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Hi from Wiltshire. I've been stalking mostly in Scotland for the last 9 years although shooting in some form most of my life. Use .243 / .270 / 30-06 Recently joined shooting club in Somerset full of a great bunch of blokes. I own an insurance brokerage so not as much time as I want to shoot.


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Can't say - official secrets act ! Lol
Nice one !!
There's a few in my local area, range from half to full so you could be one of them ;) Wiltshire is a big county !
You'll soon get used to the 'banter' and eventually get to enjoy the site.
There is certainly a wealth of knowledge and lots of people willing to help out so get stuck in and enjoy.
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paul o'

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welcome colonel do we call you boss ! or you could do us some tasty deals on our insurances and that would be just finger lickin good .
Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!