I am a new member to the stalking directory but have been aware of it for a while. I see it as a good place for discussion on subject that are deer (excuse the pun) to all our hearts. I also see it as a good place to promote certain aspects of our industry and encourage a continued personal development of everyone in the industry, whether they be professional or recreational.
my background is that I have been involved in Professional Deer Management in Scotland for the last 14 years, involving Red, Roe and Sika.
I now live and work in the Aberdeenshire area. I shoot with any legal calibre in my hands at the time. However I especially like the 6.5 calibre a (6.5x55 Swedish and 6.5x284 Norma).
I am really interested in promoting marksmanship training so people can get the best out of their equipment and be as humane as possible. To back this up when things do inevitably go wrong I have a vast respect for the use of properly trained deer and tracking dogs.

I look forward to some good chats in the future