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Hi, I live on the north coast of British Columbia Canada. I have been hunting and fishing basically all my life. I first bought a 30 06 Pump Action Remington in 1976, which I still own. I also have a .22 Magnum, Lever Action Winchester, a couple of shot guns, a Enfield 303 with open sights, a Parker Hale 30 06, and most recently, a Tikka 30 06 lite, which with a few modifications, is an excellent rifle. I rescued the Parker Hale from the garbage heap a number of years ago, when because the barrel was badly rust, the stalk was in very bad condition, and it had a broken extractor spring, a friend was about to discard it. I took it home and spent many hours refurbishing the gun. I plan to have the barrel replaced as well. So now I have this Parker Hale rifle, which is very well balanced, but does not have a magazine. So I am now searching for a Parker Hale, 30 06 magazine, and I'm hoping that, possibly, your members may be able to help me in my search. Cheers.