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Hi all

Been trying to join for a while now like a few of the others, so now I'm here I better introduce myself. My name is Mike and I'm from north wiltshire, I,ve been shooting for over 20 years now but have recently been bitten by the stalking bug after completing a stalking course as part of my centrefire conditions, This has resulted in me buying a nice new sako hunter in 6.5 swede and a bigger gun cabinet :D
The forum has been a great help in providing lot's of good advice and I look forward to lots more to come.



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Hello Mike and welcome,
That Swede of yours sounds sweet. ;) Glad to have you aboard 'The Best Stalking Site' on the web.

Good luck with your stalking mate and get those post rolling in.

Cheers Steve.F


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Hi Mike,
There are more swedes here than in a Norfolk field! I was going to say Stockholm, but I thought it would be un P.C. A mate of mine has just brought one, what species are you stalking, and what bullet weights do you prefer?
Welcome aboard mate,


Thanks for the welcome guys, I only have Roe on the land I shoot at the moment but I am yet to take one as I am in no rush and would rather wait for the right animal. The only bullet weight I've used on deer are the 140gn I used on my course which I found very good with little meat damage, I have a couple of box'es of 120gn that I have been using to get used to the new gun but will probably use 140's for the real thing.



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Hi Mike,
I’m all Swede to, and welcome to the site, I don’t use 6.5 but you will receive clear and good advice on all aspects of stalking here using 6.5 and other calibres, and of course with all things opinion and personal choice comes in to it, If Iook back through some of the posts regards 6.5 and loading you will find all sorts of advice and found that ask what ever you want you get genuine helpful responses from genuine helpful people.

Look forward to seeing you posts.



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Hello Mike,

you and your excellent choice of calibre are most welcome :D :D



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Welcome, its so nice to see so many new people joining the site. Lets hope we have overcome our technical problems and it will encourage more to join the BEST STALKING SITE on the web.