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New member here from south Manchester. I've been hunting and fishing since I was a young lad and am still in love with it. I currently shoot 12g, 17hmr and 22lr and have a small shoot in Lancaster. I’ve got deer on my mind and am looking at the DSC1 as something I'd quite like to do whilst considering my options for which gun I’d like.

Hello to you all!


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Welcome Shuffty, come along to one of our range days Events and Meetings the one on the 25th is a guest day and you can have a shot with one or two of my rifles if you like.

We are close to securing an additional range very near to Lancaster.

We will be running a DSC Level 1 course in the Autumn.

All the best
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I did a DSC1 a couple of years back. Lots of folk seem a bit down on it but I found it really useful. Learned some new stuff, met some new people and opened up quite a bit more opportunity (as more people seem to request it)