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Hello to everyone, just thought I would say hello, I am in and from Northumberland and have been stalking in Northumberland/borders region and Scotland for over twenty years. I have a keen interest in dogs and have had working cockers for many years. But I am now starting with Teckels. Any one interested can take a look here.
Still under construction but a start anyway !
oh, and I also keep waterfowl .


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Wecome to the site ABC. Northumberland is a wonderful part of the UK, been there and stalked it a great many times with a good friend who lives up that way.

Nice fish and chips at the Seahouses village.

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Welcome ABC. What a great Teckel site you have started. Had a quick look and learnt loads immediately. Look forward to reading more about your Teckel adventures.


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Welcome ABC nice part of the world used to stalk at glanton nice bucks good gang on the site