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Hi all :)

Just joined so thought it would be worth writing a bit about myself!
I'm a 21-year-old living in Somerset, located just 20 minutes North-East of Wells (or 30 minutes South of Bristol if that's easier!). I've been shooting since I was 15 and fishing since I was 8, I love the countryside, and am currently studying for a degree in Applied Animal Management, down at Cannington (just past Bridgwater).
I got my first gun, an air rifle, when I was 15, and began hunting with it (grey squirrels, pigeons, rabbits). Soon after that I got a shotgun certificate and I like to go decoying for pigeons in the summer with the shotgun. Earlier this year I got my FAC, and I currently have a .22lr which I use for rabbits. I'm really interested in stalking, and am looking forward to going on the DSC1 course in mid December, in Essex (any one else on here attending this course??). I've been out stalking a few times with a friend, and on the last occasion I shot my first deer (a young roe buck).
I'm really looking forward to applying for a variation and buying my first deer stalking rifle, but first I'm gonna complete the course and also try and get some more practical experience down (my friend doesn't go out often, we've only had 3 trips in about 5 months! :( )
Aaaaaaaanyways, I'm talking too much so I'll leave it there!

Cheers everyone! :)


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Skinner, Welcome & Just a clue for you, Aquaint yourself with Ian Farrington & his better half Joe, you will not look back, only a few short miles from your self! Steve.:cool:


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Cheers Steve and John for the welcome :) looks like a great forum and I'm sure it won't be long before everyone's fed up of me asking questions! (I have a lot!)
And Steve - Ian Farrington, I think I've heard of him, is he based down in Axminster, Devon? I'll have to see if I can look him up. That's a little way away but not too far :) haven't really got the money to be spending on stalking days at the moment though :( may have to consider it soon though, as I don't think the police are likely to approve a deer calibre variation with just one recorded successful stalk, DSC1 or no DSC1!

Thanks chaps!