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Hi I am new to this forum.
I have recently started stalking & I,m looking to get in contact with stalkers especially in the East Anglian area. If there is anyone out there who is willing to take a new stalker under his wing & offer some help & advice I would love to hear from them.
Unfortunately I am on a budget so I am looking at cull/management animals.
I have been shooting since I was a teenager & now about to reach the BIG 40. I started on airguns & then moved onto shotguns & have shot clays, game, rough, wildfowling. I helped to keeper on an estate in essex for a number of years where I gained a little experienced in fox shooting.
I have passed my DSC 1 & have been out stalking with a local keeper a few times & have had 3 Fallow does. What an experience.
What I can offer people back is honesty, reliability & saftey. I am more that happy to get my hands dirty & help people out.
Hopefully someone out there can give me a hand, thanks needsy


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Hi Needsy,
Welcome to the site. I'm sure that someone can help you but be prepared to wait a bit, let people get to know you. In the past we have had people join the site ask for stalking then bugger off, never to be heard of again. There are some very generous stalkers on this site who have taken me and other novices out on a number of occasions. So get stuck in, ask questions and most of all enjoy! :D