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Never sure what to put in introductions, but as its a requirement, here I go;

okay, I first started target shooting in 1990 with a colt.45 & Wilson Match Master .38/.357, both highly modified for target shooting purposes. Due to disgraceful events that shocked the world in 1996 I then converted to target rifle shooting and still continue both target shooting & stalking today.

I used to reload .308/762, still have the equipment but getting lazy and buying the loads, perhaps time is the issue.

at the moment I have 4 rifles
1 x .308/762 strictly for target shooting
1 x .308/762 for stalking only
1 x .38/357 Marlin
1 x 9mm Southern Gun straight pull (converted for target)

I own a Hilux invincible and highly rate it to the point that I have also now sold my Merc ML300 and replacing it with another Hilux. As luxurious as the ML is to drive, there is no way I can rate it as a 4x4 on road never mind "off-road" and prefer to own 2 Hilux, also a few motorcycles in the collection.

Also a big lover of dogs and have 3 Alaskan Malamutes, we have had various Malamutes in the family for 18 years and understand the nature of the breed very well, not recommended as a gun dog lol, infact not recommended as a "first dog" for anyone.

I am a current BASC member and have been for many a year

well I hope that satisfies the introduction stage, im now of to check out the forum

One last thing, you may be wondering what my log on ID is?

F4 - one of the MV Agusta motorcycles I own
1NXS - a band I used to listen a lot too

Put it all together and it is a number plate on my MV Agusta F4
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Welcome to the SD sure it will bring some interest when your not so busy at work by the look of things .
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