New Mod for 2009

Richard Parsons

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Following on from a previous post when I was moaning about the dire life expectancy of T8 sound moderators ( however much you spray them with oil or let them stand on the radiator...) I decided to bite the bullet and go for a new Ase Northstar, the new one from Jackson Rifles.
So far, so good. They are one third smaller than the T8 so less bulky and ugly, and also lighter as well as stainless steel. Sound suppression seems excellent, and the other real benefit is the fact there is no rear bush to fart around with if you switch it from rifle to rifle. Group sizes are excellent, see photo at 200 yards. Highly recommended if you are in the market for a new mod.


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I have an S5 Richard and that looks very similar except that it seems to extend back over the barrel. Is it indeed the case that it comes back over the barrel? My S5 works well, it is on a Blaser, and it doesn't take long to get used to the extra weight swinging out at the end of the barrel. It has a lot of features I like over the other reflex type models and seems quite robust.

Richard Parsons

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Yes it does sleeve back. The only part ahead of the barrel is the section you can see beyond that slight 'band' you can see. No more than 2 1/2" I would say.

Pete E

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Does the rear of the mod touch the barrel at all? Also did you need the thread on your barrel altering, or did simply screw on as a direct replacement to the T8?




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Richard, Thanks for posting this up,
I have been trying to decide between a northstar
or a jet-z, I notice the cost of the S5 went up quite a bit from
the £219 I got mine for,& after the market shows a bit of interest
I would have thought the northstar would cost a bit more than it does
currently,as it doesn't cost much more than a mild steel BR T8!
Hopefully I will make my mind up before any future price increases!

Richard Parsons

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No, the rear of the mod. does not touch the barrel. You could easily fit one to a varmint profile for example with no problems ( the bore is exactly one inch ) As for the thread, no alterations needed, just screw on hand tight as per T8 and off you go.