New model Toyota hilux


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Has anyone received the new hilux, if so what model?

mine was due July the 1st. 7 weeks later and 3 failed delivery dates

not happy


Ben P

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Are you getting the 2.8 or 2.4 ???

Get the feeling that the 2.8 will be worth waiting that little bit longer for.


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I was led to believe by main dealer that the higher spec invincible would be available from Sep/October onwards, lower spec maybe end of the year, they have only just recieved their demo vehicle!
Just got back from SA and drove the 2.8 litre. Nice truck but not worth me chopping my 2015 3.0 litre in. I spoke to Toyota Uk as they have been hassling me to come and test drive the 2.4 which is apparently spec'd up from the SA version and put out more than the old 3.0 litre. I go and drive it as I would like to compare the old 3.0 l with the 2.4 l.


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I heard that the 2.4 will be uprated to 3.5Te later in the year.
Surely on a braked and appropriately tagged trailer they are both limited by total train weight?

dropping the 3l was a mistake
dealer tried desperately to get my brother in law to chop in his d4d 3l for a new one as they hold their value much better compared to the lower spec.

needs a new map to get the best out of it as soon as you collect IMO


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Any pictures of your newly bought hilux's

id be interested in what people think of the new 2.8 compared to the old 3.0 that's if you have owned them both

the debate regarding towing do people really consider it crucial to be able to tow upto 3.5T