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Due to popular demand for a fully covert Night Master NM800IR, we have had some commissioned to be built to our spec by Night Master, using a 940nm wavelength DR IR diode, which is completely covert and operating in the 940 wavelength will not have the tell tail glow of the NM800 IR.

This kit includes the Night Master adjustable weaver mount for fitment to Digisight, Recon, Photon and now for the Starlight Archer as well as many other devices.



Find out more info below:

Buy Night Master NM800 IR Covert - shop at suppliers Scott Country

Available to dispatch from Monday.



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Hello, yes it will be available shortly, price circa £50.00

Munty Hunter: In brief, no...intrinsically 940IR wavelength (covertly invisible to most mammals) operates at a higher wavelength, and therefore requires devices which are more sensitive to IR to operate properly. i.e Gen 3 and Digital.

It has an illumination range of up to 250m, compared with the NM800's 800m range (depending on device of course.

Putting it on a Gen 1 weapon sight you will see virtually nil advantage, however on an N750 or a Photon....

Extract from product web page below states the power difference:

"The Night Master NM800 Covert is a focusable, medium-range infrared illuminator, which is capable of providing IR illumination up to 250m (depending on device capability) and is ideal for use on hand held night vision such as the Recon 750, as well as for digital night vision riflescopes such as the Pulsar Digisight N750 and N550."

"Please Note: As this device uses a 940 nm wavelength diode it is not as powerful as the standard NM800 IR illuminator"


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Not wishing to be argumentative like but are you sure that all correct?

By my maths the normal IR torch is £149.95, and the attachment you offer is £50.00, so £199.95 and you can seemingly switch between the two lights should you require greater range or go covert as required.

Your website offers the covert version for £219.95?, I assume you get the torch in its covert state?

Or am I misreading the offer?



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Hi Morgy, the normal IR NM800 Kit including battery, charger, and "scope" mount etc is £189.95 both with us and with Taclight.

Night Master 800-IR powerful infrared illuminator for all night vision devices

Buy Night Master 800IR Infrared Illuminator for night vision - shop at suppliers Scott Country

The additional weaver adjustable mount we include in our kit is £39.95 making the total £229.95 if bought separately.

We sell the package as a kit including lamp unit, battery, charger, "scope" mount/clamp, and the tactical adjustable weaver mount for £219.95, thus a saving of £10 over retail buying individually.

Both the standard NM800IR Kit and the NM800IR Covert Kit retail for the same price £219.95 including the tactical mount.

The lamp only without mount, battery charger etc is indeed £149.95, however that is not what we are selling here.

If someone already has a NM800 Red, charger and scope clamp, then they could buy the lamp only for £149.95 PLUS £39.99 for tactical mount.


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