New photon zeroed - great success


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The above pictures are of my .223 TIKKA T3 LITE fitted into a RUGER 10/22 Stock with a Roedale bottom metal and a 10 shot AI Mag.
It has the Photon fitted on optilocks low rings and weaver bases on a TIKKA/SAKO Rail, and has the NM800 with a searcher head fitted for distance. All parts are from Scotts Country (Paul Stewart - Nice Bloke, always willing to help you!)

I zeroed the photon at 50yds then checked at 100 yds for grouping and it held the group very well.
The clarity of vision through the scope in the daylight was slightly grainy but extremely good for a night vision device.

Later on at midnight I went out to have a look around and firstly spotted a fox with my P.S.22 at around 100 yds at a baited spot, so put the photon on him. I was gobsmacked at the improvement from the image from the P.S.22 and found the picture white and clear, (even when set on minimum brightness). I didn't have to use the illuminated rectical as the picture was bright with the NM800.

I had the cross hairs on the fox while he was eating my bait but then 3 small cubs joined in the feast and I couldn't shoot (Soft old Bugger that I am!!)

I then started to watch hedgehogs at 200yds very clearly and so all in all was very impressed with this new scope and feel it was well worth double the money.

If you can afford one and need some reassurance I would strongly recommend that you order one from Paul at Scotts Country as you won't be disappointed.

And before you ask I don't work for them but they always provide a great service

PS My only regret is that I didn't order two.

Scott Country

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Hi and thanks for your post and indeed your glowing comments on us and indeed the product.

Really pleased you are getting on we'll with the new addition.

ive spoken to a few owners today who are more than pleased with the unit and the performance is better than claimed which is great but also a little bit scary as we can't get enough units to satisfy demand as it is let alone when people hear how great they are!

The Shooting Show TV film crew are out tonight filming with our demo unit for the show so I expect that lots of footage will be available soon.

I was filmed today by a cameraman discussing the features so hope to share that soon with you too.

Have a nice evening