New Rifle Buck

Picked up a new rifle this week so after a quick zero session I was looking forward to taking a buck with it.A 6x47 Lapua stiller action built for me by Dane and Co. 1st loads and not much effort produced this grouping. No excuses now!!

Visited a small orchard this morning and hadnt made the seat when I spotted a roe buck couched up 50 yards away against a tree. Rifle on the sticks i took a neck shot and all over within 5 minutes of leaving the car. Walked around a bit after and spied another buck with his head in the apple tress. A much bigger animal. I put the crosshairs on his chest but then realised he had a doe in tow so I left him for another day. Dont think the rut is far away!

ATB Steve


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Looks like Paddy's handywork is as good as his customer service.:tiphat:
You got any more photos of the rifle?


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i thought I'd just step in at this point and state that I didn't chamber this rifle. It was a personal rifle of mine built by Neil Mckillop. I simply fitted the barrelled action into a McMillan stock for Steve.

I was building a 6x47 on a Tikka for Steve, but at the eleventh hour he decided he fancied the Stiller. And as you can see from the pics it will do the business for him, as it did for me.