new rifle today


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on my way to pick up a new Browning A bolt with wildcat Mod in .243 for a nice price of £650
they might be getting on but if its not broken it don't need fixing.
have anyone owned the A bolt and what was your experience?


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I've had two. My current stalking rifle, an A-Bolt 1 Hunter in .270, and an A-Bolt II Medallion in 22-250. Both superb rifles, with some great features! I love the removable box mag, and the shotgun-style safety in particular. I sold my 22-250 as I wasn't using it, but have a slot for .223 and will be replacing the 22-250 with another A-Bolt. I think they're an absolutely superb rifle. Both more accurate than I'm capable of being, and with really good finishes. The Medallion in particular was exquisite


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short bolt lift

Of course! I've got so used to that that I forget about it. One downside I can think of with the A-Bolt is that the safety is only 2-position, so when unloading it you need to remember the trigger is live until the chamber is cleared. I've never actually found this to be an issue though


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Had them in 223, 243 and now got a 308,

for a budget rifle you can't go wrong,

mine have all shot PPU within an inch at 100 yds

enjoy it mate:thumb:

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They're a good solid rifle , nothing fancy , but work well . They're pretty hard to beat at that price point . I like the safety arrangement , but as Woodsmoke pointed out , a certain level of awareness is necessary when unloading . Like him , I've never found it to be a problem though . I'm sure you'll come to like it .