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Hi all

I've decided on getting a new 25.06 rifle as an up grade from .243 as i've been given the chance of more land to stalk but i cant chose which rifle or action i want on a budget of about a £800 -£1000 any thoughts


Joe Lewis


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I have to say if i had that amount of money to spend on a rifle i would buy a sako.

but there are lots of nice rifles out there.

Before i got my remmy model 7 i looked at a sako but it was just a bit too expensive.
The remmy is however a very nice and very compact rifle ideal for woodland stalking



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Well I might as well state the obvivous and say Tikka T3 Varmint in stainless steal. Even with the heavy barrel its lighter than the Sako 75. I have a 308, my next purchase will be T3 Varmint in 6.5x55.


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when you come up here and stalk with me you can have a go with my remmy. It's a smasher. If you are really bad you can use my .30-06.



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Remmies are good to, infact all modern rifles are good. You can't really go wrong. ;) It's the scope you need to spend the money on.


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i hav to agreee that any modern rifle will do the trick, but tonite i was impressed by a ruger hawkeye in 308 , never saw how it performed in the field as there was no shot on tonite but it handled nice and very light and such a smooth action, felt quite well built at under £700


I have a Sako and a Howa and and would be perfectly happy to only have the Howa. Its well made, accurate and overall very well made. You will hear people say its good value which makes it sound 'worthy' but it is better than that. Its good. Full stop.



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Nice thing with howa is one can get a barelled action and order
in a good composite stock. Get the trigger tuned, bedded and off you go.


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Mr B got it right, almost any modern stalking rifle will get the job done, they do not all possess the minute of gnats cock required for some disciplines but, for hunting purposes if the skill of the shooter matched the gun then you would never go hungry. The glass on top is where you need to be more particular, the old adage about spending as much / more on the scope as you do the rifle still holds true.

There is many a poor shooter and useless rifle that have improved immensely with a decent scope ;)



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I have a Tikka T3 Tact in .308 and a T3 Lite Stainless/Synthetic in .243, I have more confidence with the .243 than the .308, it shoots well hot or cold, I clean it after every outing, never leave the barrel fouled and the first shot is all I need, every confidence in it. The .308 although a "Tacticle" rifle with a heavy barrel, I am not as confident in, (Will be after several target outings though) and with a £400 difference in price, I wish I had just bought and waited 3 months for the T3 Camo in .308 but "Hay-Ho". As had been said with scopes, get a standard factory produced rifle for upto £600 and put the rest towards a scope.

Happy Shopping.



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Hi Joe,
I have three scopes, two of which are 6x42 and one that is vari focal, however I never use the vari focal feature. If you go for the option of a £600 rifle, you could get a very decent bit of glass and mounts for just over £1000! My 243 T3 lite is synthetic and stainless, has optilok rings and a very nice Leupold 6x42 scope. And here is the good news, it kills deer and foxes. Its a great combo! ;)


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I agree with that, the T3 .243 S/S is spot on, I have a vari power scope, a PM2 3-12x50 with an illuminated reticule, looks good but could probably make a coffee if I wanted it to, an S&B 8x56 or I believe the 7x50 or 56 would be just the ticket. Depending on your needs, also look at Illuminated Reticuled, worth their weight in gold, or platinum, depending on what you buy.

Keep us informed.


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As you mention the calibre is to be 25-06 then it is to be used as a stalking rifle and maybe the odd fox and not a range tool also. Therefore I would forget all about heavy barrel rifles and tactical formats you only need it to put one bullet in the right place maybe two if you are lucky or un-lucky depending on the circumstances

If your total budget is £1000 then I would pick a new Howa that would leave you £600 for a scope. T3 are OK seeing your are going to need a long action for your 25-06 and that is all T3s come in, although they are a bit plasticy compared to the older 695/595 but generally seem accurate.

Thinking out of the normal and for the same money as a T3 you could have a New SHR (Swiss Hunting Rifle) total quality, on par with sako, 3 locking lugs on the bolt, built in weaver rail, fluted barrel, steel detachable magazine, Teflon coated barrel and action for weather protection. Nice bit of kit.

The other option would be a second-hand Sako 75 which would leave a little money for a scope.

Try and handle as many rifles as you can, all new rifles will shoot well enough for your needs but it is best to find one that you like and suits you.

Best rgds



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Hello Joe. Well I am happy to see another man who wants to use a 25.06, good calibre. BUT as I have said before, its the rifle itself that you must feel at one with, the calibre is second really, whether you choose a 25.06, 308, 270, 30.06 6.5x55 they all do the same thing out to 200yds ;)

And unless you are doing a huge amount of stalking you are not going to make many shots over that distance.

My 25.06 is a Sturm Ruger Model 77 in synthetic and stainless with a VXL Leoupold scope on the top. I have shot on the odd occassion out to 400yds and killed deer with it when a client has mucked up on Reds. I think its a great round, flat, fast and managable without a Mod on the end, but mine does have a T8 which makes taking a shot like shooting a 22. Given the 6 other rifles I have of all different calibres, if I had to have two calibres only to hunt the world, it would be 25.06 and 375.

But as I have also said before, you cant have enough guns ;)


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Thanks guy's new tika T3 on the way
wanted the sako but could not justify the extra cost, which ive now spent on a new scope from S&B
Thanks for your help I'll keep you all posted