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If all goes to plan I should be getting my new 30-06 tomorrow. I just wanted to ask you guys about zeroing. I am happy about the process but people have told me I have to put 60 or 80 rounds through to "settle" the gun in before I use it on live quarry. Is this right? I mean 60 shots would be 5 hours with 15mins between each 3 rounds. Missus wouldnt be too happy! :???:


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Absolute nonsense, it may take 60 to 100 rounds for the barrel to ware in, but at the very worst case I would expect it to be printing 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards.

Sight it in, find out what your trajectories are out to 200 yards or what ever you consider your maximum range, get comfortable with the rifle and then enjoy it.


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It's not so much the zeroing, its 'breaking' the barrel in that they are talking about. Many different theories exist for the best way to go about it but what you are trying to achieve is smoothing off the rough edges from the manufacturing process. With my rifles I have given them a good clean before firing anything through it, you'd be surprised by the amount of crap that has been in the barrel! Then I would fire off 5-10 shots, cleaning between each shot. After that the interval between cleaning would be slowly increased until I'd put anything from 40 to 100 rounds through it - depends on how good the rifle is to start with. Don't let the barrel get too hot during the process.
It is probably not necessary to go to this extent for a pure stalking rifle but you are more interested in getting a decent group size. As the process progresses you can normally see the group size shrink. Once you're happy with it, zero the rifle to your preferred point of impact (mine are usually about 1" high at 100 yards) and go and shoot some deer :lol:
On a more important note, it is worth trying a few different brands of ammunition and/or bullet weights through the rifle. It can make a tremendous difference. I had a .222 that wouldn't group better than 4" with some ammo whereas other stuff would be less than an inch :eek:

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Widow cleaner!

That's a very interesting link Gunner. Never have I heard of using window cleaner in the bore of a rifle before :eek:
I'm not suggesting that it is wrong but seems strange that there isn't a dedicated alternative made by Hoppes or similar. Anyone else ever heard of using window cleaner??? :???:
Right, I'm off out to clean my car windscreen with some 'Forrest bore foam' to see if that works too!! :rolleyes: :p


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I'm not sure that using window cleaner to degrease the barrel is really necessary - surely any alcohol based substance (eg: meths) will achieve the same result.

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IMHO I am with hairybiker 100% there are as many cleaning regimes as days in a month.
Clean it very well first, then go in easy groups between cleaning and keep it cool! always if it's a sporter. Don't use anything for cleaning that's not a recommended mainline product and keep it out of the trigger and off the wood, always dry the bore before firing.
Good luck and happy shooting
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