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Rob Mac

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As MarkH pointed out, how can we claim to have a half decent deer stalking site without a dedicated section for dogs and tracking?

He was right, and here it is.





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just when i have not long purchased a lab bitch pup to train for this very purpose at the moment she is only 17 weeks old. so could be looking for lots of helpfull hints and tips along to help her training
her name is sika
thanks to all in advance and to those that have already given some of their wisdom
yours truly stone


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hi mark
i am going to use her for both
i hav trained a quite afew gundogs this is the first deer dog i hav ever had so my thoughts were atleast 2 years on deer before letting loose on game but still going to teach her to retrieve with out the use of game
hope fully have her stalking with me and also highseat use as well not to keen on leaving her in the car while i am out for 2/3 hours, she has been carrying roe forelegs about and sniffing skins but done nothing else as yet hope to start blood work in jan


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I would start by getting the dog to show a positive interest in deer that is dead ie blood smell/reward.
Next time you shoot a deer find a quite place and drag a fresh skin flesh side down foe say 20m Make sure the trail is with the wind to your back. Place a small piece of liver etc on the skin.

Leave the trail for about a hour and with a longish lead on introduce the dog to the start of the trail, then let it work the trail to the reward. Make sure it cant see the skin from were it is sitting as this will switch its nose off and eyes on .



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cheers for that mark
i was i little concerned on how to start or how much to do but this will be a good starting point
how often should i do this in the early stage?


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Quality is better than quantity.

I would recommend every two weeks. Be careful to make the introduction up to a real kill gentle.
Start by tracking up to a FRESH deer skin with a bit of liver lying on top. Once the pup has found the skin give praise let then eat the treat and then place in the sit next to the skin while you tidy up. You dont want the dog jumping around or ragging the carcass when they get older.



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yhis is just what i needed, some good advice, will let you know how i am getting on with pics as well

kind regards stone


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Superb! Just what I needed to know too. Thanks. Just about to introduce my little girl Holly to the real world...this is her:

15 months old and a bit hotter than any dog I've had before. Bags of instinct on birds but quite headstrong. We'll just take it steady and keep working on the basic obedience.


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good looking bitch that drew
looking at that mole hill in the back ground she may need a harness to help pull you you up it for the morning stalk :lol:
on a more serious note good luck on training it may look like a long road ahead,but with some definate payouts
keep us all posted


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Thanks, she's a little beauty.

It's not a harness I need for her stone, it's a donkey I need! knees ain't what they used to be and by heck we've got some lumpy ground hereabouts as you can see!


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What a cracking looking bitch. I picked my little black Lab bitch up on the 14 Dec 07, my daughter called her Holly also.

Enjoy her!