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Did you see this guys programme when he did the shoot with the 408 Cheytac. Awesome.


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tika.308 said:
i have been thinking of getting a semi auto for decoying :lol: thats just the job
christ tika i hav seen you shoot that would be a waste of shells but the grin on your face would make it worth while if you want to try a decent auto then next time you are down at mine you can try my 5 shot remmy just bring your own shells


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Bloody hell!
That's one hell of a shotgun.
I wonder if I can put one of those on my shotgun cert...


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Nowt wrong with us southerners :D At least i speak the queens english :eek: :D :D
Your more than welcom to borrow my Auto mate anytime :D


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i hav the next best thing
on my remmy 5 shot semi auto i can fit a six shot extension or if i want to be over the top get a 19 shot extension revolving mag, also fit a cuts compensator on the end of the barrell
hey presto
not even the terminator could match that , i would need arms like popeye to hold the bloody thing up long enough to empty the magazine though :lol:


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I quote Steyr243:- 'Nowt wrong with us southerners At least i speak the queens english'.
What Queen would that be mate? you know so many sweetie! :lol:

As for the gun, I think it needs a bayonet just in case. ;)


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I would have to seriously rethink the gun rack on my quad for one of those buggers. Marvellous troll shooter methinks :D :D


pheasant sniper 1

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Im just selling my 12 shot pump...remmington 870 express magnum if anyones interested.. i have solid slugs on my cert and have had great fun on the skittles with it.. great condition... selling to fund some much needed upgrades for my stalking...
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