New stalker from kent


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Hi fellow stalkers.

Yorkshire born and bred, living in North Kent.

Shoot game, clay, vermin and deer.

Preference is fox control, anyone with a problem feel free to contact me

Shoot .22, .243 and .50

DSC level 1


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I notice you are in north Kent, same as me. Unfortunatly kent is about the worse county you could have picked to find deer stalking. I have to travel to all my ground. If you get really stuck you can PM me and I will see what we can do.




Hello................from your location an easy trip to the Kings Forest in Suffolk...a BASC ground. The Ranger there is excellent and a very good bloke. Also he is an accredited witness for your DSC 2 . Ok so it costs but thats life and I have had both Roe and Munjac on that ground. fallow are also about the place. Stalking is both from a high seat and on foot. I can give you details of a cheap pub nearbye should you wish. Yours aye MBP


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Thanks guys, yeah i gathered kent is pretty much roe free, considering the countryside its a surprise, suppose thats the Thames for you.

However i am only 5 mins from the M25, just dont fancy doing the door to door knocking looking for beats