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If travelling I keep my rifle in one of those hard cases for international travel. I have a wire loop I can fit through the handles and fix to one of the d rings in the boot if necessary.
I dont bother insuring them seperatly as with 4 rifles and 2 shotguns insurance is about £480/year approx.



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i asked the same question to some stalking mates of mine and they all suggested a transit van so you could drive the quad straight into the back and lock it away no trailer to be stolen still do 70+ on the motorway enough room to bolt a cabinet in side for your rifles/tools and still enough room for the dog and shot deer, a bit heavier on fuel than what you were used to but think of the BB you would save sleeping in the back of it
i actually bought a l200 as i hate driving vans of any sort even the work one (it was always a 4x4 truck for me)
as for insurance i hav my guns/rifle listed on the house insurance even when in use out in the field ,expect to pay £150+ extra for it though

Andy L

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I use a ford ranger crew cab pickup with a truckman top. Pretty good off road. 4 doors and plenty of room for kit and carcasses. Cost a lot less that other crewcabs as well.


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I have the old Land Rover Defender and I have a gun box bolted width ways behind the seats. I got a metal worker to make the box for £90. It fits four rifles and cases and there is still room for my tools and camping gear!

Andy L

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300wsm, I have just seen the trophy room photo. Looks like you hit more that a Roe Buck mate. Are you OK??
Give us some details!!

Heym SR20

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Bad luck on the crash 300WSM, but glad you are OK. Where my folks live in Oxfordshire is a major accident blackspot and over the years there have been several serious accidents byt the house. One of the duties of the police is to ensure that the belongings of victim are taken care of and do not get pinched, and this would apply to firearms as well as any other items in the vehicle, along with the vehicle itself. They remain with the vehicle until it is safely recovered.

I would have thought the police would pick up the weapons and lock them inot the police car and hold them in safe custody until you were able to reclaim them.

Provided you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent them falling into the wrong hands that's as much as any of us can do.

This is one reason why the Police do like rifles to be carried with the bolt seperate to the rifle, thus if NED should pinch the rifle from boot of the car, it is useless - I lock the bolt inot the glove box, and like others do chain guns to the car so as to prevent casual theft.

But lets be honest, any cable takes just a few seconds with a pair of bolt croppers, and even a gun box / cabinet, doesn't take that long to open, or to rip out and carry off.

Any body who does pinch a weapon has committed a very serious offence - not only normal theft, but also is now in illegal possesion of a firearm.
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