New Steyr Pro Hunter stock from Joe West Riflestocks

Hi all

We at Joe West Riflestocks have now finished our Steyr ProHunter traditional shape stock, available in either laminate or walnut. Due to the complex nature of the stock we will be running batches of them to keep the cost down. We will have these stocks on display at the CLA and Midland game fairs where we welcome everyone to try them and give us your opinions.

Price will be £390. Stocks will come fully fitted and finished, with a 1" Decelerator pad and sling studs fitted, in your choice of walnut with tips or any of our laminate colours. The price includes a Joe West Riflestocks trigger guard. Photos below.
What do you chaps think, have we got this right? Is this something you will buy.

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I don't have a Steyr Manlicher but I would think that these stocks would be a major improvement on the tupperware stocks fitted to some rifles. The laminated stock looks particularly good to me.

Wheesht was asking about checkering, personally I would have thought stippling would look better on the laminated stock.

paul o'

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love the work you do feller the laminated stock looks cracking to me ! if only i did't have a thumholed stock rifle ;)

paul o'

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he makes a corker of a black laminated one and other colours , you need to call him or drop him a pm as to inlet thay will be at the cla i think !

update thay are at the CLA


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I personally don't like the walnut one but would definitely consider the laminate one. Any idea if it will fit a Pro-Varmint?


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I have a pro hunter and it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made after my initial purchase - out the box it would not shoot well with a moderator on at all. I spent £1,500+ having a custom made maple stock made and I am now very happy with it.
I believe that Steyr have now admitted that for the UK market where a moderator is often paired with the rifle, their original stocks flex too much (we all have known this for some time) and there is a new improved version on the way - if not available already, im not sure.
So what you have made here is absolutely spot on, and for the price you are offering them for I wouldn't have hesitated to purchase one from you.
I'm sure there will be others who would really benefit from your stock at that price, but not sure how many of them either chopped the rifle in and gave up with it, never bought one in the first place because they were well informed, or did what I did and sorted it out the expensive way.

Good luck with it, i think the stock looks smashing and is certainly great value for money and I would be happy to own either version. A thumb hole version might appeal to many more shooters, as this seems to be a very popular configuration nowadays.

Bertie Leblanc

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These stocks are certainly on my wish list as they look superb, I would probably be tempted with a thumbhole version though as my Steyr Pro Hunter with Hardy Mod in .308 is superb and shoots perfectly well with its original stock.