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After a hint from admin that it was about time i said hello, and lurking for a few months now.
I though i would introduce myself.
I use the same username on a few forums around the net.
I recently have done my DSC1 and am now saving like a mad man for the 6.5 i have on my ticket.
Most of my shooting is mainly pest control (Fox and Rabbit) on the land i managed to beg, steel and borrow.
You know what its like :cry:
I have a .223 which i hope use on some munjac soon, if anyone know's of any stalking in or near sussex please let me know.
I desperate to bag my first deer.. :lol:
Anyway thats it for now, see you on the forums.



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Hi Sussex Lad,

Welcome aboard matey, can I just say that it might be a better idea to wait until you have that 6.5 before you take on 'The Old Duke of the Woods'. Muntjac are like Staffordshiire Bull Terriers, they can weigh as much as a fully grown Roe Buck but are concentrated into that solid stooped form.

Its up to you but believe me they will run even if shot well.

Anyway good luck and thanks for posting, I look forward to reading your posts.

Steve.F (Site Admin)


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hello you old sod , how have you been? the 6.5 bug got you after that long range fox on the course didnt it?
ive still got it and ill let you hold it and stroke it if you like.!!!
see you soon i hope.
ps just pm d you.


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I think it is disgusting the way you and bigdan are conducting your posts, terrible. You should fit right in :D :D

Good choice of calibre by the way.

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