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Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about getting a foxing rifle on my ticket recently, and since one of my shoots is cleared for .243 I'm thinking of seeing if I can get the other cleared too and get a dual use foxing and deer rifle. The one cleared for .243 backs onto some forestry comission land and gets deer on it, it's not a huge shoot but it would be big enough I think to be worth having the .243 and in any case it's not a hugely over the top calibre for foxing anyway.

I need a bit of advice as I really don't know where to start with shooting deer. How does one go about getting land? I'm aware there is paid stalking, which I would probably do a few times to get some initial experience. I've also heard of the DSC1 course, which sounds good but a little expensive for what it is - is it worth it, or would I be better off buying some books and talking to other stalkers to get the knowledge I need?

How have members here gone about getting stalking land other than through paid stalking? I presume there are syndicates out there, but I've not really found much information about how to find local syndicates and how to evaluate whether they are the good ones. Also, do people just ask around and get permission like one would for fox and vermin?

I've got a lot more questions, but I suppose I'll leave it at that for now. Any advice gratefully accepted.



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Dsc 1 is a little on the expensive side, but is worth every penny. I recently got a 308, having already got a 243. The firearms officer sid no probs as soon as he saw the certificate. I know it is all red tape, but sadly that is the way things are heading. A piece of land I have just got was sealed by having level 1. The owner was being a Know all, but when I mentioned i had put myself through a probs. It just shows willing. As for getting land, a little some favours and hopefully you get a favour back. Good luck and I hope you do the course, and enjoy it!

PS.. The firearms officer i was speaking to thought it may become a necessity to have a certificate, but hopefully it will remain voluntry!


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Hi Bitmonkey,
I agree with Duncs, you could also search through the other threads on this site as these questions are asked and answered in great detail on a daily basis.

What deer are you going after with the 243? ! Have a 243 for Fox and small deer and a 308 for large deer and target. Having two 'banduq' makes life more interesting and gives you more options.

Good Luck.
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