New to hunting big things. Some advice needed.


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OK, I've been shooting for many years, both target and vermin, and now have my first stalk booked. I've been looking around for some more opportunities, both deer and wild boar, before taking my DSC1, who knows, I may not enjoy it. I have already encountered the first problem, that is I'm not a millionaire :(. The pricing of stalks / hunts that are available seems complex to say the least. At first the prices seem manageable, but then there often follows extra money for shooting a big one, a little one, horns, no horns, spoiled meat, I half expect to see having to pay extra if the bloody thing is left handed. All I want to do is to hunt, (or ambush) and shoot a beast that needs shooting, with the prospect of getting some meat at the end of a pleasant day out. At the moment it's starting to feel a bit like going to the butchers for a couple of pounds of steak, paying for it to be told it's out the back, probably, go find it, if it's there kill it, and choose the bits you want.

It's not quite like that I know, but sometimes it feels a little like it.

norma 308

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this has been covered many times my friend and you are entering into a field sport that will swallow large sums of ££ if you don't do some home work look at some of the write-ups on here and and feed back to the stalking adverts this will tell you who the good guys are for a first time stalking experience I can give you a name pm me but its a bit of a drive from u


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As you have just been advised, this is a perennial subject. As a novice myself I can readily understand you situation and also your confusion. As Norma 308 suggested, look at "Articles and Write-ups" section. The first thread currently on there by keiran 222 deals with the same quandary of whether the provider you have chosen is the "right" one.
Jump into the discussion and ask your questions, that is why this Forum exists.



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i would wait until november to go out stalking, buy then you will have roe and fallow does in season which will all be cheaper to stalk often a morning or evening stalk can be had for £75 and these will often have no shot fee also you will have fallow bucks in season at this time and the smaller bucks may also not incur a shot fee. it can all be a bit daunting at the start but a good guide will explain everything to you and will inform you before you shoot somthing that will cost you more money

A Guy Out West

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Don't be blue. Keep asking questions, make some friends, join a club, search the web. You will figure it out out how to do it without going broke.


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talk to solway stalker he is as good a bloke as you could wish to meet got most of the big stuff at fair prices
What he said.

there are people out there that don't have pound signs in their eyes to take you out, they just take some finding.
ive been lucky enough to meet some genuinely good people through this site that I'd happily call friends now.
its all about reciprocation in my book...some people have more than enough stalking but, for instance, have never sat under skein after skein of pink footed geese coming in to some deeks so I'm able to offer something in return as an experience.