New to site - old hand at taxidermy and tanning

Hello to all!

I am based in North Wales. My interest is in taxidermy and tanning, having been in the trade for over 25 years with many hours spent sculpting and re-creating trophy mounts, rugs, skulls etc,etc. I was trained through the family business and enjoy both the technical and artistic sides of the work. In more recent years I have been unable to do as much as I used to, due to other commitments.:(

I have experience in many aspects of the trade and hope to learn a lot more about stalking being part of the forum. I have a keen interest in shooting, but I am also interested in stalking something I have had a great interest in for many years (All advice appreciated!).

I apologise in advance for any dumb questions that are asked, but I am sure it will give someone a laugh along the way!:oops:

Some quotes I like;

Success is s place where preparation and opportunity meet.

The trouble with jogging is the ice falls out of your glass!



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Hmm thanks for the intro, but it smacks of a bit of advertisment as well for Snowdonia Taxidermy Studios. Perhaps you may like to change the sign in name or pay the going rate for advertising.


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Welcome to the site A.
As a previous customer I agree with Malc, I'm sure it would be money well spent and would be rather better thought of if you were to keep things as they should be.
That said I hope you can learn from and enjoy the site and perhaps even teach us a thing or two.