Wanted: New to Stalking looking for experience...



I am new to stalking , having shot game for 25 years, I have my licence and a rifle ( .270 ), I live in Milton Keynes but travel all over the North for my work so distance is not a major issue, but I would prefere someone local who may live within 30 miles radius of Milton Keynes Bucks, I have been out with a friend on his shooting ground near Dunblane 6 or 7 times, but this is not something that he is able to continue ongoing.

Shot his .243 at targets and able to group in a 4 inch circle at 150 yrds, still need to practice.

What do I want ??

Well in a perfect world if there was a person or persons who would like a new boy tagging along now and then, more than happy to pay my way, and then I can work towards with experience buying days on my own.

So looking for experience ( field craft watch and learn ) mentoring, and if the opportunity arrives a shot or two.

Any one fancy a tag along, clean, able bodied with all my own teeth !!

Peter :D:D:D


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Send me a pm I might be able to pop along with me some time every one has to start someware

i'm down in Hemel but stalk in scotland