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Evening . I am new to stalking but not to shooting . I have been granted an open ticket for a 243 which is a step up from my 223 which I have shot for quite a few years . I am from Derbyshire where i am a part time keeper which is more like a full time one to be honest . I am oen to advise on the kit required and the best gun to buy but I work for a living so on a budget and also looking for for a stalk reasonably close by . Fingers crossed someone can help . Thank you


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Welcome to the forum & good luck.

If you have specific questions ref kit, it's probably best to post those in the Deer Stalking General section.
There is a wealth of knowledge on here, but everyone has their own opinion when it comes to kit. None the less, you will get good advice on items to consider, then it's up to your preference, budget etc.


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Welcome, my advice Re a rifle/scope is to look at a good well made second hand. Good not new Rifles are generally available and are 50% of the new price.