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Hello all,

Just like to introduce my self as a new trade member, Russell Greenman from West Country Game. I am a keen stalker myself, always having used .243 calibers and have found this site full of interest and information. A little about West Country Game, we are a game dealer based in north Wiltshire, we take all types of game at competitive prices. We also collect from anywhere in the south of the country, and try to provide stalkers with an easy method of selling their game.

Current price for Fallow : £ 1.30/lb, and Roe : £1.25/lb

Glad to have joined this site, if anyone requires any further information please get in contact with me,

Best wishes,

Russell Greenman
West Country Game
01666 837524


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Hi from another newbie Russell, also just down the road at the other end of the dual-carriageway. I've been meaning to stop by for some time and will now make a point of doing so this week.