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Click on the link below to see our trailer of our full length DVD about TB in deer.

We believe this to be the only live footage in existence of TB being actually found in a UK deer. The DVD is designed to help deer stalkers and deer managers deal with an infected carcass.

The full length DVD is available directly from Jelen Deer Services at only £9.99 plus P&P.

To order your copy email us on or call us on 01264 811155



Mike Allison
​Managing Director - Jelen Deer Services

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Well done Mike,

That looks like a well put together video and a great piece of info for inspecting and handling an infected carcass.




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Thanks for the kind words Terry its a well put together video totally off the cuff as events append on the day. real footage of T.B
being found during the inspection of the carcass and the events which append afterwards.
ATB..Dave (Jelen deer services)
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